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Born and raised in Almería and Granada (Spain), her vocation began when she was 11 and she studied a tailoring and design course for three years, giving her a good grounding in the basis of her chosen profession.
Having completed COU (University Preparation Course) aged 18 at high school in Granada, she moved to Barcelona to complete her training. She obtained a degree in Design, specialising in openwork (woven fabric) in the Escola d’Arts Tècniques de la Moda, now E.S.D.I
At aged 21, she got her first job as woven collection manager for the Catalan brand, System Action and worked in this job for five years.
At the age of 26, she was called by MANGO and worked there as a designer for one year. After that year, she is given the responsibility for managing the woven design department and stayed in this job for 11 years.
After this experience, she decided to embark on a new career challenge by opening her own design studio as a freelancer and making collections for brands such as Escorpión (woven collection manager), Vanity Fair (lingerie), Laplaia (beach couture) and TCN.
In 2009, she launched her own brand, 9PM, focused on cocktail and evening dresses, using luxury fabrics with elaborate handmade embroidered. She has participated in various competitions such us WHO´S NEXT, SIMM, COPCA París.