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Graduated from Esmod Seoul in 1992 Juun.J began his career as a designer for “Chiffons” followed by design director for Club Monaco” and “NIX”.  In 1999 he launched his brand “Lone Costume” and has shown it during the Seoul Fashion Week ever since. He has also collaborated several times with the Japanese artist Nuts and the English artist Simon Henwood.
Since then, he has been collaborating with several brands like Reebok, Speedo, Linda Farrow, Chris & Tibor, Ground Zero, Christophe Coppens, Kiroic, Lorenzo Petrantoni, and still he is collaborating with brands in every season. Also, he has been invited to other fashion week to participate as foreign guest designer to present his collection in different markets.
Juun has been awarded in row for three years from 2009 by Samsung Fashion & Design Fund and also been nominated, awarded, and selected by many other fashion events, awards, and so on.
Often, Le Figaro called his design as Detournement d'un Classique (Diversion of Classic.)
Juun describes himself, about his own design concept and inspiration.
“I like to overlap different items and silhouette and change them and love to create something new. My basic design concept is classic and tailoring. I restructure the classical items or by taking things into pieces and make totally new items and silhouette. The brand new look is being created by mixing classic items and street looks together. Tailoring is very crucial element. I usually get inspired by pictures from 20th & 30th and street people. That’s why I call this, “Street Tailoring”.