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Again the collection is a prolongation of the concept.

As the collection is always an experiment of constriction and body transformation

Schipper/Arques is pushing the boundaries with the collection for Winter 2011/12.

The collections are part of an evolutionary design process, always further developing the previous story, moving on where the previous left an artistic unfulfillment.

This winter something is coexisting with humanity.

Mimicking femininity these creatures are looking like quarterbacks in 90’s Mugler with their extremely impressive body armour.

Neither animal nor human, they are able to physically transform their bodies so that the toughest parts are on the outside, creating an exoskeleton.

This larger then life armour is needed to protect a soft and fragile beauty on the inside. With the detached but contemplative ways of a curious animal they move through our society, searching for the most precious but therefore ultimately vulnerable soul.

Once found, they will try to transform this vulnerable being so it will be better equipped to cope with the dangers and difficulties of daily life.